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Region : Los Angeles, California

Telephone : +1 818 318 8581

Email : katey@syncthermology.com

Katey comes to SyncThermology from a background in Equine Sports Massage and teaching. Having ridden and cared for horses from the age of 6, Katey has always had an empathetic view of horses and riding, and a natural affinity regarding equine psychology and behaviour, believing that bad behaviour is very often linked with poor handling or pain, this led Katey to her calling in equine therapy. 

Katey qualified 15 years ago when sports massage was a fairly new concept within the equine industry. The results of her massage began speaking for themselves and recommendations and word of mouth quickly spread, allowing Katey’s magic hands (as she’s often told) to help hundreds of horses over the years, from happy hackers to top level competition horses. She also made an appearance on the BBC TV programme 'Give a pet a home' massaging Wally, a very cute rescue case featured in the show. Wanting to develop further into the realms of diagnostic support, Katey found SyncThermology. Inspired by the clinical standard technology and protocols, team professionalism and links directly to the veterinary industry, Katey is excited to be flying the flag yet again, for a relatively new technology with an exciting future in mainstream veterinary diagnostic support and at the forefront of ongoing research to improve the lives of our horses.