This specialist Veterinary Thermographer training is offered exclusively to associates who are purchasing, leasing or renting one of our systems. The type of training we provide is the most advanced thermography training available in Europe. 

We will guide you through the technical application of veterinary DITI and you will work with the most cutting edge, innovative equipment and interpretation system in the veterinary and medical thermal imaging field.


We will provide you with on-going comprehensive training and support, which will combine lectures, self-study and practical training to suit each and every individual. You will work closely with our veterinary physicians and complete your qualification over a period of two months, depending on previous experience.

Following successful completion you will be awarded with a level two diploma in veterinary thermography. You will also have completed the training necessary to be able to register with the Medical and Veterinary Division of the UK Thermographic Association and the European Association of Thermology if you wish.


This course is only suitable for candidates who have purchased or are renting a SyncThermology Vet system.