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SyncEquine clinics now available in Failand and Cardiff Clinics of B&W Equine Group

Tuesday, February 27, 2018  ‹ Back To Latest News List

Physiological imaging technology from SyncThermology is now available for the equine patients of both Failand and Cardiff Clinics of B&W Equine Group.  The service can be accessed and referred by your equine vet and will be conducted by the experienced local Sync Equine Imaging Technician- Rachel Flanagan.

The service is provided by the large animal team of SyncThermology, who pride themselves as leading specialists in the clinical application of physiological imaging. The technology is a simple, non-invasive scan that does not require sedation. Most horses find it stress free as there is no contact with the equipment. This type of imaging can be utilised to assist in the assessment of a wide range of conditions and diseases and is commonly used to provide a full body analysis and identify areas of abnormality. This can help to support lameness investigation, early disease detection and evaluate potential areas of pain.  

Imaging appointments may take up to 2 hours and involves a non-contact examination using a clinical system at the practice. The results, provided by trained interpreting vets from SyncThermology, will include objective opinion, recommendation and information that may assist diagnosis, help to select treatment options and monitor your horses’ recovery.  These reports will be delivered to the referring and treating vet at B&W Equine Group.

B&W Equine Vets in Failand and Cardiff Clinic offer a vast range of veterinary equine care and services from fully equipped equine mobile visiting service, preventative healthcare packages, fully equipped equine dental service, lameness and poor performance investigations, mobile X-rays, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, pre-purchase examinations and vettings, riding school inspections, equine exports, field surgery including castrations and advanced wound management and 24/7 veterinary support for your horse.

The latest technology addition, is provided by SyncThermology who have had 10 years of experience in developing the technology/ procedure and are delighted to work in conjunction with B&W Equine Vets in Failand and Cardiff and their experienced professional team. 

If you would like more information, please contact the practice or local technician Rachel Flanagan for a free consultation.

About Rachel

Rachel’s love for animals started as a child but due to asthma she wasn’t allowed any hairy pets! 

However, she has gone on to make up for that in adulthood and is now the proud owner of 2 cheeky terriers, 3 chickens and 2 geldings Gatsby & Buckley. Rachel has always had an in interest in veterinary medicine and went on to study iridology.

Having built a career in the world of financial services for over 20 years she had been looking for an opportunity to change career and to do something she was truly passionate about.  After having an initial experience with Thermography and finding the concept fascinating she decided to carry out further research to see if there were better ways of utilising the technology as part of an integrated approach to investigation. This is when she came across SyncThermology and was drawn to our professional approach, consistency of service and the fact that all our reports are produced by a trained veterinary surgeon and not the Imaging Technician collecting the data. 

Rachel’s business experience, professionalism and dynamic approach to developing customer relationships is outstanding. We are delighted that she has made the decision to join our team and will be representing SyncThermology as an Equine Technician throughout the South West and South Wales.

Rachel says:

“I absolutely love my job! Its great to be able to provide a gold star service to assist with the clinical investigations of each horse. I get to meet some fantastic people and horses as well as their lovely dogs. It’s a varied role that involves taking part in research projects, giving lectures to colleges, providing demonstrations to riding clubs as well as working alongside the vets to bring the technology into their practices.  It’s a real honour to be working alongside B & W Equine Vets to help their patients across South West and South Wales.

For any questions- contact us on:

Office: 0845 519 5971 

Mobile: 07971065326