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Find The Right Vet For You

FIND THE RIGHT VET FOR YOU Sometimes we’ll get enquiries for Equine or Canine imaging where the owner says they don’t want to involve their vet. They’re worried about a costly and lengthy investigation followed by an invasive or surgical treatment plan th ... more ›

Lame, in pain, or just a niggle?

Dogs and horses often find themselves under veterinary investigation due to lameness. Where a horse was fine one day and came in from the field ‘hopping lame, on 3 legs’ the next, or a dog jumped from the sofa, yelped and couldn’t take weight on a front leg. ... more ›

Recognising Equine Lameness by Sarah Holland-Villa Sync Technician

Here's the latest blog from our West Sussex based Technician Sarah Holland-Villa on recognising equine lameness. Sarah is a BHS Senior Coach and Equinology Equine Body Worker. She has ridden and been around horses since a child and her childhood obsess ... more ›

The Effects Of Poor Conformation On The Wider Skeletal System Of The Horse by Yogi Sharp DipWCF

Introduction This paper will evaluate the physiological effect of poor conformation and hoof morphology on the wider skeletal system of the horse. As touched on by Simon Curtis (2002) the variations are limitless and therefore their phys ... more ›

SyncThermology Events Diary February 2019

SyncThermology have a jam packed events timetable in February. If you are considering having your animal scanned, joining our team or learning more about our services/technology take a look at the list of events below and come and meet our team. 2nd Febr ... more ›

The Effects of Hoof Growth

Hoof Balance Theories Welcome to the latest blog by our Brighton based Technician and Farrier Yogi Sharp on the effects of hoof growth and the Farrier's role. This paper formed part of his studies. Contents Introduction  ... more ›

Hoof Balance And The Wider Musculoskeletal System - The Detection Of Early Stage Pathology

Hoof Balance And The Wider Musculoskeletal System The Detection Of Early Stage Pathology By Yogi Sharp DipWCF The equestrian performance world is becoming more competitive, horses are becoming finely t ... more ›

Joey's Diagnosis...... Equine Osteoarthritis

Joey’s Diagnosis: Equine Osteoarthritis… By Siobhan Taylor SyncEquine Technician Earlier this year my horse Joey, was presenting with bilateral forelimb lameness. Following investigations, he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis  ... more ›

Learning To Fly...... By New Technician Debbie Leonard

Learning to Fly…. Back at the beginning of April this year, I started my journey into a new and exciting technology – Physiological Imaging. I have been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for over 15 years, working with both small and large animals and I am als ... more ›

On our own we can do a little ...... Together we can do so much!

Our latest blog from Equine Technician Lou Crow I first met Rob Jackson, the Horseback Vet in 2016 when he came to assess and treat one of my livery yard owner’s horses following me performing Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) as a newly qualified SyncEquine Technician. ... more ›