Service to you in four simple steps

Our service allows your practice to offer this technology to your clients without investment into equipment and training. Our screening service is provided by our own team of Veterinary Thermographers who collect, prepare and correlate all necessary data that is needed for interpretation. We cover the UK and Ireland, with each practice being allocated its own Thermographer(s).

1. Case Selection

Our team are on hand to provide you with advice on when to use veterinary DITI as part of your investigation and how effective the imaging may be for particular conditions. We have also included a guide on applications in this booklet.

2. Booking in the Scan

Your practice will contact us to arrange a suitable time for your patient’s screening. We are more than happy to contact your clients directly if needed. Our Thermographers will send out history and preparation forms to your client, and ensure that the screening location is suitable. Scans can be collected at the client’s location or at your practice if required.

3. Performing the Scan

A base line scan will initially be conducted and depending on clinical signs and history, the horse will then complete a short period of exercise (stress test) to establish whether exercise induces or exacerbates the complaint. Once stress testing has been completed a second set of scans will be collected. Our Thermographers will then have sufficient information and the scans will be prepared for interpretation by our team of vets.

4. Results

Results will be sent directly to your practice and will include a detailed analysis, full set of relevant scans and any additional information our vets would like to add. Processing time is normally 48 hours.