Pain or Behaviour? How Can We Help?

The question of pain or behaviour can be difficult but one that many vets and horse owners are regularly challenged to answer. Is your horses' recent change in behaviour due to pain? Many owners are reluctant to launch into a full veterinary investigation particularly in the absence of lameness and therefore start to outsource other professionals. It is very common for owners to contact physiotherapists, massage therapists and source alternative holistic care before consulting their vet but it’s a collective approach to investigation normally works best for the patient. Our service helps to bridge the gap and ensures that changes in performance and/or behaviour due to pain are not being overlooked.

Have you noticed a low mood, aggression, napping, performance problems or a reluctance to do normal activities? Could it be stemming from pain?

Thermology is not a picture of pain but it is a picture of autonomic dysfunction that correlates well with regions of pain. The technology can help to isolate areas of abnormality so further tests can be performed. Being relativity low cost for full body assessments, non-invasive and easy to perform it is a popular choice for owners and their vets to start the investigation after clinical examination.

Our service is used by many veterinary practices to identify pathology, spinal conditions, arthritis and the early stages of injury and disease. The assessment does not require sedation can in most circumstances can be carried out in the comfort of your horses stable. Results are provided by our team of experienced vets and can also help professionals to cater training plans and select the best form of treatment for the horse. We endeavor to image horses’ pre and post exercise to ensure we are not missing vital information that will only show when the body is put under stress.

We have worked with numerous clients who are unsure if their horse's behaviour is stemming from a physical issue manifesting as bad behaviour. From experience we have found that most behavioural issues have been related to pain, discomfort or low grade lameness but when thermology has not found any major concerns it can also give owners the confidence to push on with training.

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