Why do we use clinical standard equipment?

The Meditherm VET DITI System is specifically designed for physiological testing and it is calibrated for optimal operation in the narrow temperature range of metabolic heat. The vet2000™ offers accurate measurements with comparable temperature and spatial resolution. The vet2000's high-resolution display (80,000+ individual temperature readings per thermogram) offers a wide choice of palettes in full colour, isotherm or grey scale. Image adjustment includes isothermal temperature mapping and point-by-point temperature measurement with a cursor or statistical region of interest. The system can measure temperatures ranging from 10°C - 55°C to a sensitivity of 0.01°C and an accuracy of better than 100mK. Focus adjustment covers small areas down to 75 x 75mm. It delivers the highest accuracy and sensitivity available and it is of clinical standard. The Vet2000 processes 100% of infrared emissivity from the subject and it does not use optical lenses that lessen sensitivity. We do not use industrial camera technology.