Introduction Workshops

Our Veterinary DITI Workshops have been developed for candidates that are initially looking to learn more about the subject and how they can take it forward. Our program will provide you with an understanding of DITI and how results are utilised in clinical evaluation. It is the perfect stepping stone to see if a career in veterinary DITI is right for you without heavy investment in to equipment or training.

Covered in Workshop Courses:

  • Science & Application
  • Technology and Practical Training
  • Business Opportunities & Development
  • Careers and Equipment Rental/Purchase
  • Your Future with SyncThermology

Course Criteria:

You do not need any veterinary experience to join the course and it is a perfect opportunity to learn more about DITI and your future opportunities.

Our national DITI service has produced many professional partnerships throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. We already provide our service and courses to registered veterinary surgeons, chartered animal physiotherapists, osteopaths, equine dental technicians, farriers, master saddlers and many more. Our service is here to support you and your clients and assist in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.