Our imaging equipment is available to hire. There are many reasons to consider hiring equipment and we provide excellent rates for both professionals and students. Our equipment will provide you with accurate data and is simple to use. We can also provide access to our veterinary interpretation sever so your scans can be assessed by our veterinary team. Our equipment is specifically designed to test physiology and will provide images that are of clinical standard.


 •You may want to conduct a research project or use thermography in your dissertation. We can provide initial training and support you through your project.

•You may be running another animal related training course and you would like a thermography machine present to document reactions or treatment responses. Many professionals use thermography to help validate their treatment.

•We rent equipment to Zoos to help with their research and monitor wildlife.

•Your veterinary practice may want to rent the equipment for the day to monitor patients or test complex lameness cases.

•You may be looking to start a career with us and short term/daily rental is the best way to get you started.

Please contact us for more information and for our rental rates.